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jason thomas Rad acoustic jamz by that guy that plays guitar in TSSF Favorite track: Nearsighted.
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released April 11, 2010



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Track Name: Nearsighted
patience is wearing thin and this time im convinced that i dont even need a plan. im anxious but it makes sense, cause everything beyond these doors is waiting at the fence. now is there something that ive been missing or am i just caught up in something less convincing. my insignificance will only help me persevere and make it clear, that ive gotten used to over thinking but id rather fear these obstacles for what they really are to me. cause empty promises will never knock me off my feet, just wait and see. nearsighted doesnt seem to mean much anymore but i still know its something worth fighting for. i still take too much pride in never taking more than what ive asked for. what can i say, ill be the last one keeping myself on the verge of losing what was meant to stay. or have i been pursuing one more fantasy i cant achieve without an open end. ill be just fine living my dream rather than waiting for something more.
Track Name: Friendly Fire
i guess im missing the point cause theres nothing left to see. and if you mean so well then why cant you just learn to let it be. cause ive been thinking about just what im going to say, cause theres no doubt we'll were this out and lead ourselves astray. theres no delay but ill be waiting for this every day

what if i said its going to your head, would you believe me or leave my here for dead. what if i told you i liked it better when we werent afraid to say what we truly meant.

i wasnt expecting for you to let me know when i could let my wings unfold and take a chance to grow. cause lately ive been just hopeful at my best. but as long as thats what keeps my heart beat going in my chest. theres no delay but ill be waiting for this everyday.

i cant let this go cause theres more to you than meets the eye but you cant bear to show. and i cant see the truth when your keeping me at arms length cause its all that you can do.
Track Name: No Foul No Harm
everything you say will come crashing down some day and its just about time that youd be getting crushed by the weight. cause i cant allow what your turning into now, cause im sure soon youll have something new to whine about. now what are you waiting for, theres something in the air that wasnt there before you tried to leave me here to die. cant you see that from here we cant go back. in the way of friends your losing what you already lack. if i cant make it clear, then maybe its not worth the fight. cause to everyone else your resurrection is out of sight. but i cant let this die just yet, just prove to me that theres still something left to finish. but i cant say that theres no bias, id rather be shot down than judged by your self righteousness. i didnt think that there was more you could do to make me lose the little respect that i had for you. please prove me wrong again cause i cant believe that theres no turning back from something thats so easy to leave.
Track Name: Stay That Way
sent back 12 years to where my hopes and fears were all id feel. back when i still believed that someday wasnt something real. there wasnt much to see, but nothing kept us from believing that the world came for free. and every thing we need, there at our fingertips but we were too naive to see.

is it my conscience you claim cause the past has got me guessing if ive got the right intentions. i guess im happy today but i just pray that it stays that way.

and id give anything to anyone, if anyone would come along and prove me wrong. youth left me begging for reality, but now im certain that my childhood kept the best of me.

(we search our minds and savor what we find. we may be blind but we see eye to eye)
still so much more to go but it wont get much better. and it wont take much to learn that nothing lasts forever. ill search my mind and savor what i find this time.

Track Name: Evian
i cant say that theres never problem, but either way ill end up where i belong. and i cant say that ill ever solve them, but maybe if i try ill prove myself wrong. and maybe this will be the last time, but then again ive never felt more at home. and if i ever lose my life line, ill only hope this seed wasnt left unsewn.

these obvious lies were meant to mend ties to the days we lost in hopes that we could turn back time. be hind this complacent mind there wasnt anything but hope written between the lines.

if it makes a difference, ill be the last one to let you in. and in any situation theres one reason to not begin. ive waited for you to burn down these bridges only to be left on the ground. ive been here long enough to know it isnt fair to come this far and never breathe the open air. but i guess i cant complain cause blessings last longer than pain. but somehow they feel the same.

short lived, life seems to be, with worthless days between the good memories.
Track Name: (Instru)mental
Track Name: Breaking Progress
now ive heard everything, if only anyone had better songs to sing. maybe this time ill see this lack of honesty is exactly what I need.

if these rhymes just waste my time, then i don’t think theres anyone as useless as me. this broken mirror, theres more to see here than shards of glass that lack stability, reflecting me. so ill be on my way to an early grave before i leave this place. and now theres nothing to say besides a eulogy for every day that’s wasted away. so ill stay in my bed, and ill keep acting like id rather be dead as i hang by a thread. while bones are shaking walls are breaking instead. breaking whats left of every voice inside my head. i still believe every word they said. so ill be there someday but i still cant trust myself to bear this weight. and now theres nothing to say besides a eulogy for every day that’s wasted away.

(i don’t want to wake up, dreams will always take up more time than i ever expected)
end what ill never start a cheap attempt to break apart from these sheets i sleep on. i always hate this part where knowing this means sacrificing your only blessing.
Track Name: Aimless
give me something to believe in, cause ive been keeping in what once had kept me down so long. and all i ask is that you hear me, but am i wasting time if its what you've known all along.

is it worth my time to write this never ending story line if its just fed into an empty mind. is it fair to show another side of me i didnt even think of letting go. ive been misled before but now i really couldnt care much less. cause its brought me back to this.

and will you come around to see that all attempts have fallen to the ground of making something out of things we havent found. and can it be that im just scratching at the heels and can you see what these words fail to conceal. cause i cant be let down until i let my guard to the ground, so tell me what now have you found.

why cant i be calm, cause i know that i cant be the only one without a plan.
Track Name: Helping Hands
wait for this place to be the only thing thats keeping me from learning to see that nothing will carry me, ill force myself to stand upon my own two feet.

and its a funny feeling, my thoughts are torn apart. start out fresh somewhere new but nothing there compares to where you started from. these past 6 years had only just begun. my last resort is my only one.

and i dont think i can break my own fall again. ill take this helping hand, it takes my only friend. and i dont think i can convince myself again that not much has changed since then aside form where weve been.

so please dont take this song so lightly. since i lost what i cant see i hate myself for thinking freely. and if anyone does ask, ive gone to hell with everything i have. since i lost my faith in self alone i cant depend on anyone.